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Pasture to Plate

At Lytle Red Angus, we strive to provide today’s consumers with a quality and affordable eating experience. Due to our rigorous husbandry practices, our Red Angus cattle produce a consistently uniform carcass size and quality. To ensure a safe product, our meat is traced from birth to butcher utilizing electronic identification (EID) and a complete health history is available. Our cattle never leave our care and are managed in accordance with the guidelines set forth by the Beef Quality Assurance program (our ranch holds a current certification).

Our spring butcher list consists of grain finished animals that consistently grade choice. The fall butcher list consists of grass finished animals for the customer desiring a leaner product. Animals are butchered at local packing plants in Wall, SD and Newell, SD. Packages are offered in bundles, quarters, halves, and whole animals. Call Angela or fill out the form below and we will be in touch within 48 hours.

To put it simply, we offer delicious, high quality meat.

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