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About Us

Lytle Red Angus is situated in the Cheyenne River breaks between Wasta and Wall, SD. Joe Lytle (Rusty’s father) spent part of his youth living on the ranch, and always felt a desire to return. In 1974, he was able to purchase the ranch and began improving the property with center pivot irrigation. A few short years later, the ranch began selling alfalfa hay. Rusty began the registered Red Angus seedstock program in the early 1990’s with help from his wife, Angela. Years of growth and development with both the alfalfa and seedstock programs led to the opportunity for two of their three sons (Zeb, Kale, and Clancy) to return to the ranch. While everyone is involved in all aspects of the ranch, everyone has a focus – Rusty handles most of the hay sales, Angela is the contact for the custom meat business, and Zeb and Clancy perform most of the cattle work.